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My Street Photography

There is nothing more inspirational and satisfying that a day on the streets with your camera. The definition of Street Photography has many different interpretations depending on what photographer you speak to. Personally, I like to take the simple approach and don’t like to curtail my picture taking in any way. To me if I take a picture on the street or any urban environment then it is street photography; this will include urban landscape, candid shots of people, portraits and still life.


Like any other genre of photography there are many skills and techniques that can help you to take good street photographs but out of them all, the main thing is to be unobtrusive and not look like a photographer, blend in with the environment, use a small camera that you can shoot quickly with and be aware of your surroundings and anticipate shots ahead of time.

On the Streets of Glasgow
On the Streets of Edinburgh
On the Streets of London
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