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My Approach and My Style

I have photographed hundreds of weddings and portraits and I feel very honored to be entrusted to document those special moments that occur between friends and families, moments that families can treasure for many years to come.


The Way I Work


My passion for photography started in my early twenties and although I have worked in many genres of photography, photographing people is my first love and where better to fulfill this passion, that wedding photography.


I have now been shooting weddings professionally for over 10 years

My approach is simple, it’s all about the bride and groom, their family and friends and I have been invited along to capture the day. My passion and infectious enthusiasm and how it will translate onto your pictures, is what I like to think separates me, and my work from the pack.

I like to inject a little fun into the day, to help you relax. I will blend into the background when needed, capturing the many moments you hadn’t realised happened. I will get on well with your guests and provide you with a set of images that you’ll love.


Couples that book me generally know exactly what they want and place importance on there wedding photographs. The best compliment’s I receive from clients are “You captured our day perfectly” or “You just captured the real us”.


Your Vision


Whilst my experience can be used to help with a lot of planning on your wedding day, I love to hear and work with your own plans and ideas.

Each wedding is different, the dynamics and interactions with couples, families and friends never the same.  My responsibility is to produce a bespoke body of work that reflects you and your day.




I want to tell the story of your whole day and don’t limit my time to a start and finish time. Normally I start with the bride & bridesmaids for morning preparations and will continue through until a good hour or so after the first dance or until the evening buffet is served. I like nothing better than to finish a hard day with a bacon roll or anything else that is on offer!


I like to book clients that aren’t afraid to put their own stamp on their big day. Yes there are rules but the first rule is ‘Rules are made to be broken’.

I will work with you to plan your day and nothing will be too much trouble.


Your images


Your images will be yours and will be delivered at full resolution on a USB drive. In some packages this will be complimented with a separate slideshow of a selection of pictures, set to music.

An own use print license is provided so getting pictures printed with your preferred suppliers is easy. A complimentary selection of images can also be provided within 48 hours of your wedding for use on social media.


Group Shots


Most couples will want to have some formal family group shots, but my advice is to keep this to a limit of about ten. I will do more if requested to do so but this can take up time and keep me and my assistant away from doing what we do best, circulating ninja-style among your guests capturing those special unscripted moments.

At any time during the day you can ask me to take other groups and this will add to the overall look of the final collection of photographs as they will not all be taken with the same formal backdrop. Groups of friends are always better taken after the wedding meal, where they have had time to relax into the day and their true personalities come out. The wine during the meal usually helps with this for some reason!

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